Andrew Keola
Artist / CEO / Founder

“Good art is like a story. It should weave a tale full of intrigue, drama and splendor.”

Artist Profile

Over the past 22+ years as a professional artist, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different mediums and styles in graphic art and fine art. 

As a fine artist, I have enjoyed most, working with oil and acrylic on canvas. Although I still paint occasionally, the process of creating an image to exact standards is time consuming and doesn’t always produce the quality or the perfection that I strive for. I’m not able to create as much as I’d like to and reproductions are a challenge because of the cost of conversion.

As a digital artist, I find that I’m able to control every aspect of my image with far greater range and accuracy. I have much more freedom to experiment, and with modern tools and techniques I can preserve the fine art aspect of what makes a painting a “painting” even though it was created digitally. And because my creations originate from a virtual work space, reproductions are extremely accurate and easy to convert to print.

Creating digital art uses the same processes that I use for creating a physical painting. The same thought and attention goes into color, space, composition, style and medium within the digital space, but without the worry of creating mistakes. If an image just isn’t coming together the way I like, I can undo or start over without any wasted material.

I think what inspires me most in the creation process, is being able to take an image, and see it through the mind’s eye for what it could be. Not just a pretty picture, but interesting art that tells a story. 


There are literally hundreds of websites that I could upload my artwork to, but I would have no control over the production process. Some print shops use cheap materials and low quality standards to maximize their profits while others have high markups and higher prices. By maintaining the right strategic partnerships I can keep my prices low and still preserve high quality and craftsmanship.